A1 v/s A2 Milk

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 A1 v/s A2 Milk

Milk from our indigenous breeds like Gir, Sahiwal etc is categorized A2 whereas the milk from the exotic breeds such as Holsteins, Jersey etc is considered A1. There is a difference in the ratios of lactose and fatty acids in both milks. However, it is the protein component in the milk that differentiates the two from each other in terms of quality. A1 milk has A1 type of protein (casein) and A2 milk has A2 type of protein (casein). This is important because the way the milk is broken down and metabolized in the system is different.

The difference in Protein

When the body tries to breakdown casein in A1 milk, a chemical component called BCM-7 is released, which is the reason for morphine-like effects on the Central Nervous system. BCM-7 causes addiction towards milk, hence children prefer to consume it all the time. Neuro disorders like cognitive disorders, which affect learning ability and aggravated symptoms of autism, are also caused by A1 milk, because of the presence of a morphine-like compound. Morphine effect causes constipation, hence, children who consume A1 milk are usually constipated. A2 milk encourages better immunity. Studies have shown that consuming A1 milk could negatively affect the immunohormonal system, and contribute to type 1 diabetes or heart disease. Benefits of A2 milk far outweigh the potential risks caused by A1 milk on the human body.

Where does India Stand

We Indians always consumed A2 Milk as all our indigenous breeds produce A2 Milk. Not just that, even Buffalo milk is A2 Milk. The problem of A1 Milk arose when we started neglecting our Indigenous breeds and started importing Holsteins and Jerseys Cows from Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Not just that, large scale cross breeding of our indigenous breeds with imported Semen also played a crucial role in destroying our native breeds. On one hand, we completely destroyed our native breeds and on the other, the imported Cows have not been able to adjust tour local weather conditions and till date, their average milk yield is far less than their European counterparts.

Let’s revive our Native Breeds

We at Adhigava, are working in this direction. We keep only Gir Cows at our Farms and not just that, we work with the local Maldhari community of Saurashtra. They have always bred Gir Cows since ages and never indulged in cross breeding. We have tied up exclusively with these families to procure good quality A2 Milk. We pay them premium over prevailing the market prices so they don’t stay marginalized and can continue rearing the Gir Cows.

Let’s all switch back to A2 Milk as this is the only way we can revive our Indigenous breeds !!

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