Ghee - The Super Carrier

Bilona Ghee made using Gir Cows A2 Milk

 Ghee - The Superfood

Ghee is a super food in its true sense. Unfortunately, it is surrounded by so many myths that little do we hear about its immense health benefits. We all have been told that Ghee is fattening, is difficult to digest, increases cholesterol and what not. On the contrary, Ghee helps reduce weight as it contains Omega 3 and CLA, is much easier to digest and most importantly, it is filled with unsaturated fats making it lighter on the heart.

Essential part of Indian Diet

Ayurveda makes ghee an essential part our daily diet. We all remember how our Dadi/Nani never served us Roti/Paratha or Rice/Khichadi without adding ghee. They were well aware of the role ghee plays in our body. Not just Ghee, but every ingredient in our grand mother’s kitchen not just added flavor but played an important role in providing us with the essential nutrients.

Filled with essential Nutrients

Ghee is made from a long process of clarification and as a result it contains a good combination of short, medium and long chain saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. These are helpful in various metabolic processes in our body.

 Ghee is called a ‘carrier’ molecule as it penetrates deep and nourishes the tissues and cells by passing through the lipid membranes. This precisely the reason ghee used in everyday cooking. The nutrition from the food is better assimilated when used with ghee, as it carries the vitamins and minerals along with it deep down the cells and increases vitality. This is also the reason many Ayurvedic medicinal preparations use ghee as the base material.

Ghee is good for digestion, it increases vitality, is good for skin and acts as a lubricant for joints. As per Ayurveda, Ghee keeps you healthy by balancing the vaat, pit and kapha. Its high time we quash the myths surrounding this ancient super food and start adding Ghee to our daily meals.

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