Let’s bring it back

Aumilk is a sincere attempt to bring the Original Milk back to the dining table. One which is sourced from our indigenous Gir cows and not the Exotic ones, from cows which graze in open green pastures and not stall fed, where milk is full of nutrition and not adulteration and where cows are revered & treated as family members and not just as milking machines.

Dairy is an essential part of our diet. We cannot imagine parathas without makhan and dahi, khichdi doesn’t taste the same without desi ghee and masala chaas and how can we forget our mom running behind with a glass of milk every morning. Milk, a super food in true sense. Unfortunately, the super food which once kept us fit and healthy has turned dead, harmful and highly unethical thanks to large scale processing, adulteration and the new age factory farms.z

We at Aumilk, want you to experience natural dairy products the way they are meant to and bring them back to the dining table.

Why Desi Cows

Desi Cows are at the core of agricultural eco system. Cows don’t just give milk but they also give Urine and Dung which are an essential part of Agriculture. Our ancestors designed a wonderful ecosystem wherein everything was put to use without being dependent on any external inputs for agriculture. They were able to get better yields, organic and good quality produce by using Cow Dung Manure and Cow Urine to control pests.

The Maldhari Community

The Maldhari community of Saurashtra and Gujarat have always reared cows since the time of Lord Krishna. In most families, cattle rearing is the only source of income. Most of them are nomads and always keep shifting their cattle between various regions for green pastures as they mostly don’t own agricultural lands to be able to grow fodder for the Cows. They keep large herds of cattle and take them for grazing every day single day.

They mostly settle near large Forests or Grazing pastures so that it’s easier for the cattle. We at Aumilk, have been working with this community to enhance their livelihood. We have tied up exclusively with these families to procure good quality milk by paying them premium over market prices so they don’t stay marginalized and can continue rearing the Gir Cows.