Our Story

We all have different memories and experiences of drinking milk but the most profound experience we all have dates back to the days we spent at our grandma’s place. Every single house had a cow and it was considered a part of the family. Every morning the shepherd would take all the cows to graze in the green pastures only to return in the evening.

Our Grandma would then milk the cows and we would all drink an entire glass of milk in a single breath. Every morning she would churn white butter (makhan) in an earthen pot and we would dip our hands into it and god, it tasted like heaven. Wonderful memories aren’t they?

We want you to relive those memories. Every bottle of milk you open will surely remind you of that original milk we consumed in our childhood. You can’t resist dipping your finger into our jar of Makhan and the aroma of our Ghee will make you feel Ghar Jaisa Ghee.

Our Cows

The Breed

Gir is a prominent Indigenous breed of Saurashtra region in Gujarat. Its distinctive head with long ears, curved horns and nasty hump differentiates it from the other breeds. It has been bred since the time of Lord Krishna and is known to give 100% A2 Protein Milk. It is known for its high milk yield and docile nature making it an ideal breed for dairy farming. All our Farms and Farmers have good pedigree Gir Cows so we can deliver 100% A2 protein milk.

Happy and Healthy

They say Happy Cows give Healthy Milk. To keep the Cow Happy is to keep the Cow free and not tied all day, give its calf its due share, to not inject it with harmful hormonal injections, to feeding it with natural food and finally taking its care even when it stops giving milk. These practices makes the Farms cruelty free and the milk you can be sure that the milk you are buying for your family is produced and sourced ethically.